Gap Free Dentistry

Gap Free Friday - Checkup & Clean

For a limited time only, all patients (new and existing) can experience gap free checkup and clean on any Fridays. As long as you have a private health insurance (doesn’t matter which ones) and you haven’t had your ‘checkup and clean’ done in the last 6 months, then you’re eligible for this great offer!

Your appointment will include the following:

  • Check up and clean: #011+ #114 + #121
  • X-ray: #022
  • OPG: #037

So contact us today to make your appointment!

周五限时特惠:即日起,我们诊所将提供无差额(Gap-free)的牙齿检查和洗牙服务。 只要您持有私人医疗保险(任何一家都可以),并在过去的6个月内还没做过牙齿检查和洗牙,那么您将无需额外付费便可享受这个优惠。


  1. 牙齿检查和洗牙:#011+#114+#121
  2. 局部X:  #022
  3. 全口X: #037


Call us now on (03) 9808 0207 or email to find out if you’re eligible for a gap-free dental treatment.