July 2017

10 ways that technology has changed dentistry

Not so long ago, a visit to the dentist took longer, because it was harder for the dentist to do a thorough examination of all your teeth and gums. If you needed any work done, that took longer too. Sometimes it took multiple visits to [...]

June 2017

How often should you visit the dentist?

Was Your Last Visit to the Dentist Last Year? At the end of the year or more like 12 months ago now? When are you due for your next check-up? You’ve probably heard that most dentists recommend six-monthly check-ups. Chances are you’ve thought: “well, I can [...]

May 2017

7 things you didn't know are bad for your teeth

7 things you didn’t know are bad for your teeth

Most people have heard the good dental care messages loud and clear. Brush your teeth twice a day, don’t eat too many sweets, and visit the dentist for six-monthly check-ups. But could you be doing some things that you shouldn’t be doing – without even knowing [...]

April 2017

How nitrous oxide (happy gas) helps kids at the dentist

You might have heard it called “happy gas” or possibly “laughing gas”. It’s an ideal combination of anaesthetic and sedative, particularly for children. Its proper scientific name is nitrous oxide, and it’s a colourless gas with a faint, sweet smell.   What does nitrous oxide do? Nitrous oxide was [...]

Even celebrities go to the dentist

Most of us think that appearances matter. We like to look our best, particularly when going out and meeting people, applying for a job or having our photo taken. Now imagine if your entire career hinged on your appearance. You'd probably take how you look [...]